The walk-in chiropractor that makes you walk again

Chiropractic care isn’t just for people suffering from whiplash after a car accident or from back pain following a workplace injury. If you’re experiencing pain in your legs that is making it difficult to walk properly, a trip to the chiropractor walk in clinic may be just what you need to get you back on your feet.

Spinal injuries don’t just affect your neck and back. Having a single vertebra out of alignment can cause all kinds of painful and uncomfortable conditions, including migraines, numbness in your hands, pins and needles in your feet, and shooting pains in your legs. Just one minor spinal injury can be responsible for all kinds of aches and pains all over your body.

How your walk-in clinic chiropractor can help you

Here are some of the ways a chiropractor can help heal your body so you can feel like yourself and start enjoying long, relaxed walks again.

Increased flexibility

If you feel like your movements are restricted when you go out for a walk, it’s likely caused by a spinal misalignment. When a part of your spine is poorly aligned, you can experience aches and pains in your feet, knees, and legs which can make it difficult to walk long distances.

This type of pain often doesn’t react well to resting or over-the-counter painkillers. In fact, you may notice that the pain and discomfort get worse over time.

Your walk-in clinic chiropractor can help increase your flexibility and heal your body so you can enjoy pain-free walks. Through moderate stretches, massages, and adjustments, they can release the excess built-up tension which has been causing your reduced mobility.

Boosted mobility for walking

Increasing flexibility through chiropractic care has the added benefit of boosting mobility. As the muscles in your legs become more flexible, your chiropractor can carry out specialist stretches and massages that will increase your range of mobility. If you do stretching workouts at home in between sessions, you can expect excellent results. 

Having better flexibility and mobility means that you’re able to walk in a correct and healthy position. This significantly reduces the likelihood of developing an injury caused by walking.

Improved blood circulation

Tension in your body can also suggest poor blood circulation. The tenser the muscles are, the more difficult it is for your body to deliver the blood they need for proper movement and health. 

When your chiropractor moves your body during massage therapy and spinal adjustments, the blood is allowed to flow into the loosened muscles and provides them with the nutrients they need to do their jobs. 

Better blood flow not only helps your muscles feel looser and more comfortable, but it also allows your body’s major systems, such as the respiratory and digestive systems, to function at their optimum levels.

Pain relief while walking

Difficulties walking aren’t always due to pain in your legs, knees, or feet. If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, you may find it almost impossible to stand up straight or walk as quickly as you used to.

The cause of back pain is often difficult to diagnose, but your chiropractor will be able to analyze your body, take your symptoms and pain levels into consideration, and give you a diagnosis. Whether your pain was caused by a specific injury, general wear and tear, or poor daily habits, they’ll be able to provide you with proper chiropractic care and helpful recommendations so you can ease your symptoms at home.

Ready to get back on your feet?

We’ve got Veeva chiropractic clinics in Aloha, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Portland, Salem, Vancouver, and Woodburn. If there’s a clinic close to you, stop by and see if there are any walk in clinic appointments available. The team may just be able to fit you in. 

If you’d rather play it safe, make an appointment online and you’re guaranteed to be seen. Your chiropractor will be able to give you a full body assessment and discuss your options with you. As well as providing you with spinal adjustments and therapeutic massages to ease your discomfort and improve your overall wellbeing, they’ll also be able to give you lifestyle recommendations you can follow at home to keep yourself healthy.

About the author

Matt has been helping providers within the healthcare setting for over a decade. He realizes how best to solve a patient’s problem by understanding the individualism of each patient. Therefore knowing what their true needs are.  To focus on the patient and the “Why” they need their particular service that goes beyond the initial reason for them to seek treatment.

Matt has been with Veeva since 2018. He also has access to over 75 years of combined real-life hands-on experiences from the many doctors within the Veeva Chiropractic landscape.

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