How chiropractic care can help you restore mobility after a car accident

Car accidents or crashes with any type of vehicle are an unfortunate reality on the roads every single day. Some accidents of course are far more dramatic than others but no matter what speed you are traveling or resulting vehicle damage, you may develop back pain and other mobility issues. Many people walk away from minor accidents and believe they are injury-free, only to feel significant pain after the fact.

restore mobility

Pain sometimes is evident immediately after a crash but it can also take hours or days or even a few weeks before hurt sets in. Our bodies’ adrenaline kicks in during moments of stress and masks pain symptoms and in fact some accident victims can visually appear unscathed but end up in the ER a few hours later.

Types of injuries resulting from car accidents

Vehicle accidents can cause all kinds of injuries, with back pain and other mobility issues very likely complements. If you experience symptoms like these, their cause often originates from:


Whiplash is the most common car accident injury; a result of the sudden forward and backward snapping of the head, often from rear-end collisions or other sudden impacts.

Muscle pain or ligament and nerve damage

Our necks and back are loaded with all kinds of structural muscles, nerves, and ligaments required for everyday movement. Damage to any of these areas can quickly induce various levels and durations of pain.

Herniated disc

Intervertebral discs are the soft and spongy cushions between the bones of your spine. These little “pillows” absorb impact and allow us to bend and twist. Sudden impact from a car accident, however, can push a disc out of position and initiate intense pain.

Restoring mobility through chiropractic care

When it’s time to seek treatment after a car accident, an experienced chiropractor can make all the difference in helping heal your injuries and getting you back to full strength.

One of the most evident benefits is going medication-free. Many people don’t respond well to medication and drugs can actually mask the issue instead of treat it. Chiropractic care treats without relying on medication.

Inflammation is a very common symptom from car accidents and can be very painful. Chiro care helps your body reduce internal swelling and focus on faster healing. Inflammation also contributes to loss of mobility, even with simple movements or exercise. A chiropractor can apply techniques to reduce inflammation to heal sore muscles, restore full mobility, and help prevent future pain.