Sports Injury

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Sports Injury

What are Sports Injuries?

Any athlete knows the inherent risks of their favorite physical activity. You work hard to excel in your field and exercise regularly to keep your body in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, sports injuries sneak up on us, whether you’ve twisted your ankle while out on a run, or collided with another player on the field.

Athletes and active individuals are encouraged to come in for regular adjustments to help maintain a healthy spine and prevent the possibility of developing more serious injuries in the future. When you’re inevitably injured doing what you love, you can be well on your way to a speedy recovery.


How can Veeva help?

Veeva chiropractors will conduct a complete assessment to determine what happened and other symptoms associated with the injury. The consultation may include a physical analysis, as well as X-rays. From there, our team and support specialists will devise a personalized treatment plan to get you back up and out on the field.


Common Treatments for Chronic Injuries

In addition to chiropractic adjustments we may also recommend other non-invasive therapies to help manage your symptoms.
One such therapy we may use is massage. Massage therapy is used to help relax your muscles and release toxins that may cause you to have a limited range of motion. Patients who use massage therapy in combination with chiropractic treatment often experience less muscle soreness and oftentimes heal faster after chiropractic treatment sessions.
Another treatment might include physiotherapy to improve your range of motion and help manage any pain you may be experiencing.

Physiotherapy consists of exercises that challenge the muscles and joints in specific movements, which over time may facilitate faster healing, as well as provide relief from pain associated with your injury.


Where Are We Located?

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