Ways That Chiropractors Help You Deal with Auto Accident Injuries

Car crashes are damaging in so many ways. Your car insurance premium will increase and you’ll likely have a hefty repair bill, not to mention the physical harm done to one or both parties involved in the crash.

When it comes to bodily injury sustained in car crashes, you may need a variety of different types of medical care. However, one type that you definitely shouldn’t skip over is chiropractic care.


Any initial cuts and bruises sustained in your crash will fade away and heal relatively quickly. However, damage to your muscles, joints, and ligaments could last for a very long time, especially left untreated. You may not even notice the symptoms of these injuries until days or weeks after your accident, so a visit to a chiropractor as soon as possible is crucial to pinpoint any crash-related injuries and get started on treating them.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries experienced in car crashes. Whiplash occurs when a part of your body is whipped back and forth at an unnatural speed, causing tearing to the ligaments in that area. Additionally, whiplash is typically experienced in the head, neck, and chest area, causing extreme pain and immobility in a very important part of your body. Signs of whiplash include:

  • Neck, arm, and shoulder pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased range of motion

If you experience symptoms of whiplash after a car accident, a chiropractor can treat it completely in about six months. When left untreated, whiplash symptoms can last for years.

While you may feel inclined to take pain medication in the days and weeks immediately following your accident, it won’t fix the root of the problem. Whether you’re suffering from whiplash or more general muscle and ligament pain after a car crash, a chiropractor can ease the pain and help you regain normal mobility with regular treatments over a period of months.

In addition to relieving pain and restoring mobility, regular chiropractic adjustments after a car crash can help reduce scar tissue. Buildup of scar tissue after an injury can be mitigated by stretching, which is extremely difficult and painful to do if your injury has decreased your mobility. A chiropractor will help you to stretch the afflicted areas and ease the growth of scar tissue.

Car crashes are extremely stressful experiences that can leave victims feeling off-balance for weeks or months. Regular chiropractic adjustments can greatly help to relieve the residual stress of your accident as they repair the physical effects to your muscles, joints, and ligaments.

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