Why it’s important to seek chiropractic treatment after a work injury

Personal injuries can drastically change your life in an instant, leaving you with a range of painful issues including neck and back pain, muscle and skeletal injury, and soft tissue injury. Many of these types of injuries are work-related and it is very important to seek chiropractic treatment immediately after an accident to help avoid long-term pain, remain aware of any hidden injuries, and to have all medical information in order when it comes time to making a claim. Consulting with a work injury lawyer can also provide crucial assistance in navigating legal matters related to your injury.

Most importantly, attentive treatment can help heal work-related injuries and get you back to living a vibrant life. Consider the alternative: Roughly 375 million non-fatal work injuries happen every year and many of them keep people out of work for many days, weeks, or months. The frustration of taking that much time off is bad enough, but much worse is the loss of quality of life due to chronic pain.

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Common work injuries

Workplace injuries are not limited to working on an oil rig or driving a gravel truck; they can happen sitting at a desk or picking up a box as well. Here are some of the most common work-related injuries:

Falling down stairs or slipping on a wet floor.

Repetitive motion injury from any number of tasks such as typing all day, cutting fabric in a factory or chopping wood with an ax.

Overexertion from carrying or lifting heavy objects can result in severe muscle strain.

Falling objects often cause injuries to head, back, and neck.

How to approach a workplace injury

If you have sustained a work-related injury it is very important to seek treatment as soon as possible, even if the injury doesn’t seem “all that serious.” Neglecting an injury can lead to further complications and chiropractic treatment is a highly effective, drug-free option on the track to pain relief and long-term care that treats the cause rather than simply masking the pain. Consulting with a work injury lawyer can also provide valuable guidance in navigating legal aspects related to your injury and ensuring your rights are protected.

Specifically targeting workplace injuries, many chiropractic treatments—decompression, physical therapy, spinal manipulation—promote fast healing, increased range of motion, flexibility, proactive prevention of future injuries, and a positive mental state.

A chiropractor’s main goal is to eliminate a patient’s pain and get them back to work as soon as possible, while educating the patient on body mechanics and motion to help prevent the same or similar injury from happening again.

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