The Importance of Chiropractic Care for Construction Workers

There is a wide variety of professionals today that could benefit from regular chiropractic care. However, one of the primary examples are construction workers.

Construction workers spend nearly all day on their feet lifting objects, reaching, bending, and otherwise straining their bodies. Injuries incurred by construction work are incredibly common and around 25% of those injuries are spine related. The most unfortunate part is that many construction workers power through their back pain, determined not to miss a day of work, and end up worsening their injury.

Construction Workers

How Regular Chiropractic Care Can Transform the Health of Construction Workers

Even if they don’t develop distinct injuries, construction workers put a great deal of stress on their bodies daily through all types of movement. Including chiropractic care in their weekly or monthly routines can do wonders for the spinal health of construction workers, helping them to prevent future injury and remain pain-free both on and off the job. Here are a few of the key ways:

It increases mobilityConstruction is tiring work, especially when a job requires multiple long days in a row in order to complete a project. This level of muscle strain can lead to nearly perpetual stiffness and soreness all over the body, but particularly in the lower back as many of the movements involved in construction work stem from that region.

Chiropractic care can ease the tension in the lower back, making it easier to move the legs and torso free of stiffness or pain.

It improves range of motionJust as construction work can decrease mobility, it can also affect range of motion in the joints through muscle strain and stiffness. Regular sessions with a chiropractor help to keep the spine in proper alignment, preventing loss of range of motion.

It corrects imbalanceConstruction work can include many different repetitive motions like hammering and sawing. These kinds of motions tend to favor one side of the body, which can result in muscular imbalances over time.

Chiropractors utilize a technique known as myofascial release, which loosens tight muscles. Regular chiropractic adjustments can also help to ease the spinal misalignment that occurs as a result of muscular imbalance.

It helps to heal old injuries. Many construction workers that have been in the business a long time have developed multiple minor injuries that have faded over time but still affect the health of their spine. Chiropractic care can not only loosen muscles and realign the spine to prevent future injuries from occurring, it can ease the effects of old spinal injuries.

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