What Happens To A Child’s Body In A Car Accident?

Those of us who have been in a car accident know that it is no small matter. In regards to protecting yourself, you have to think on your feet—and even sometimes that is not enough. However, if you are involved in a car accident with a child in the car, your instincts will likely direct you to help them first. Unfortunately, in some instances that may not be the best course of action. To help preserve your safety as well as that of your child, here is a brief description of what happens to a child’s body in a car accident and some suggestions on how to minimize damage.

Children Are Easily Injured

Let’s face it, because of their small size and developing bodies, children are typically more susceptible to serious injuries. This includes back injuries, organ injuries, chest injuries, and head injuries. The latter in particular are especially dangerous because complications are notoriously difficult to spot. Even if a head injury is not fatal, it could lead to a severe disability, memory loss, or even milder symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), children 1 and under have greater chances of sustaining head and thoracic injuries, concussions, and bone fractures. Conversely, children 1 and older are at higher risk of skull fractures.


Make Sure Your Child Is In Their Car Seat

The sad truth is that you child can be seriously injured no matter where they are positioned within the car. However, you can drastically minimize the impact of a front end collision by ensuring that they are properly secured in their car seat.

Injuries Are Not Always Apparent

Remember that after a wreck your child’s injuries may not be readily apparent. This is why you should get them to an emergency room as soon as possible. If you are still at the scene and suspect your child has sustained an injury, take care not to move their body unless they are in immediate danger. In this case, waiting for medical personnel to arrive is always the best strategy for minimizing further damage.

If Your Child Has Been Injured In An Auto Accident, Get Them The Help They Need

If your child has sustained a serious injury as the result of an auto accident, chiropractic treatment may be an effective form of pain management. The caring professionals at Veeva are ready to help them along the path of recovery.