The dangers of untreated injuries after a car accident

Traffic accidents are always unfortunate, from nuisance fender benders to those involving extensive damage and injury. In all cases, it is a blessing to walk away from the incident and at first glance you might not feel hurt and perhaps free from injury all around; however, many injuries are sneaky and are not seen or even felt until much later.

A big contributor to this scenario is the adrenaline rush, fear, and sometimes anger associated with an accident. You might be completely unaware of internal injuries that could soon cause significant pain. Even if you are never part of a traffic accident, it is wise to be aware of the consequences of untreated injuries.

accidents and whiplash, untreated injuries


We’ve all heard of it and for good reason—whiplash is one of the most common traffic accident injuries. Our heads are not meant to endure a sudden jerking forward and then back, and that action quickly injures neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Whiplash injury can be extremely painful and left untreated can lead to chronic neck pain and headaches.

Many times, whiplash symptoms don’t arise for many hours after an accident, or even the next day. It is important to seek treatment right away to regain strength and mobility.

Back Injuries

Nearly if not as common as whiplash are back injuries sustained in traffic accidents. And equally concerning is you don’t really know the extent of the damage without a thorough chiropractic exam or MRI tests to diagnose sprains, strains, and the very painful herniated discs. Ignore back pain treatment and you might be looking at chronic pain, posture issues, or pinched nerves.

Brain Trauma

Even “mild” traffic accidents have the potential to cause brain injury and its signs are often not apparent. Injuries such as concussions don’t require a person to lose consciousness and while mild concussions can heal in less than a month; if you don’t seek treatment you could be in store for serious issues. Left to their own devices, brain injuries can trigger insomnia, memory problems, irritability, or depression—none of which you want in your life.

Treatment is Your Top Priority

Never forego treatment after an accident of any kind and never assume everything’s okay and you’ll be fine. If an injury arises later, treatment can dramatically speed up the recovery process and provide the time and information needed to efficiently address your injuries.

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