How Often Should You See a Chiropractor Following An Auto Accident?

Numerous things can weigh on your mind after an auto accident. You may have a lot to address between insurance issues and car repairs. One of the most important concerns is your physical health and well-being. The impact of a car accident can have lasting effects on your body, leaving you with aches and pains. It’s crucial to prioritize your recovery and see a chiropractor to address any underlying issues.

When an auto accident leaves you with neck or back pain, you’ll likely be in need of chiropractic care. While many people visit chiropractors after a car accident, they don’t always continue that care, or they fail to visit as often as they should. Below is a breakdown of how often you should visit a chiropractor after your auto accident.

When Should You See a Chiropractor After Your Car Accident?

After any auto accident, it is recommended that you visit a chiropractor in the first few days following the incident. This applies whether you are experiencing pain or not. A chiropractor can evaluate your condition and determine whether any adjustments are necessary after the accident.

Patients with minor injuries from their auto accident may only need an initial course of chiropractic care in the months that follow. This course may include three visits per week for the first month, then visits once a week for one to two more months.

When a patient has a more extensive injury, they may require a more thorough and ongoing course of chiropractic treatment. This course might be three to five visits per week for the first one to two months. As the body continues to heal, these visits may be spaced out to once or twice a week for three to four additional months.

The necessary amount of chiropractic visits varies from patient to patient, depending on the nature of their injuries. An initial visit with your chiropractor in the days following your accident will help determine which course of treatment will best meet your unique needs.

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