Everything you need to know about taking your infant to a pediatric chiropractor

Chiropractic care for adults can often be a controversial topic, with some people great advocates of the treatment and others swearing it’s nonsense. However, bring up the subject of pediatric chiropractors who treat infants in your circle of friends and your words are likely to be met with looks of pure horror.

One of the main reasons people aren’t sure about the validity of chiropractic care is because they know little about it and they’ve never experienced a session themselves. Infant chiropractic care is similar, but it’s also weighed down by sensationalism in the media and all kinds of terror-inducing stories that make the news and are shared on social media.

Whether you’re considering taking your infant to a pediatric chiropractor or you just want to learn more about the subject, here’s everything you need to know about the hot topic.

Adult and infant treatments aren’t the same

Most general adult chiropractic sessions involve spinal adjustments, spinal manipulations, and massage therapy. If you’ve ever visited a chiropractor before, you may be familiar with the popping sound associated with this kind of treatment. (If you’re unsure of what causes the popping sound, it’s tiny air pockets that have built up between your joints being released.) 

You may even experience some mild soreness following your first chiropractic session, although this is perfectly normal and should disappear within 24 hours of treatment. 

Infant chiropractic sessions are completely different. There are no spinal adjustments or spinal manipulations which can lead to the harmless popping sound, nor will your baby experience any soreness at all following a session. Infant chiropractic therapy, tailored for infant health and safety, aims to alleviate tension, promoting your baby’s mobility and comfort.

Infant treatments are much more gentle

The treatment a pediatric chiropractor carries out on infants is much more like a therapeutic massage. The chiropractor will first assess your baby to determine their problem, before discussing different treatment options with you. If required, hands-on chiropractic treatment will then be offered.

Infant pediatric chiropractic care is greatly modified for smaller frames. The treatment involves a very gentle touch, subtle spinal massages, and delicate stretching exercises. They’ll apply mild pressure on the tension points of your baby’s neck and spine with their thumbs and index fingers.

Your baby will experience no pain at all. Instead, the sensation will feel like a careful massage.

The chiropractor will demonstrate their gentle methods

Many parents are nervous before their infant’s first chiropractic treatment. To put your mind at ease, the chiropractor may offer to show you how much pressure they’ll be applying to your baby. In the unlikely case that they don’t, you can always ask — they’ll be happy to demonstrate. 

The chiropractor will tell you exactly where they’ll be pressing on your baby and will press on a part of your body (most likely your arm) as they tell you so you can understand the light pressure your child will experience. You may be surprised to find that it feels like a gentle, delicate touch.

Issues that may be treated

While many adults see a chiropractor due to harmful injuries sustained at work or following a car accident, chiropractic care varies for babies and infants concerning infant health and safety. One of the most common problems pediatric chiropractors treat is torticollis — this is the medical name for tight neck muscles which restrict a baby from fully turning its head to one side

Not only can torticollis be restrictive and uncomfortable for your baby, but it can also cause them real problems. As babies with torticollis can’t fully turn their heads, they struggle to get in a comfortable position to breastfeed.

This can cause them to get less milk than they need to grow, resulting in malnutrition and other medical problems. Torticollis is so uncomfortable for some babies that it puts them off breastfeeding altogether. 

Need some advice for your little one?

If you’re concerned about infant health and safety, we’re here to help. Find your nearest Veeva chiropractic clinic and give the team a call. They’ll be able to tell you if they offer infant chiropractic services and may be able to offer you some advice you haven’t yet considered. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a call, but you do have peace of mind to gain.

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