Do You Need to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident for Maintenance?

Car accidents are stressful enough, but an added difficulty is managing maintenance care you may need for injuries sustained in the accident.

If you have a back or neck injury, chiropractic care may be necessary to get you back on your feet. This care may be continuing and long-term for some persons. After an injury, there are three signs that you should continue to see a chiropractor for maintenance.

Potential Progression of Your Injuries

Some spinal injuries sustained in automobile accidents progress. They appear to be small issues at first. As a result, they may worsen over time and lead to more serious problems. This includes injuries to the neck or back that cause degeneration of the intervertebral discs or bones in the spine.

The initial chiropractic care after your car accident will aim to keep you comfortable and resolve any acute issues. You need ongoing maintenance care to slow or stop the progression of your injuries. Monthly visits may be recommended by your chiropractor. This is to determine the status of your injuries and whether or not your spine is still in good shape.

Symptoms Are Likely to Return

Certain injuries to the neck and spine can cause significant damage to the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. Therefore, Symptoms like pain, tingling, and weakness can occur when this happens. These symptoms are likely to return in the future. Physical therapy and an initial round of chiropractic visits resolve them temporarily.

If your chiropractor determines that your injuries will lead to ongoing symptoms, you may be advised to return for maintenance visits at specific intervals. These visits are designed to keep symptoms at bay and maintain your quality of life.

You Show Ongoing Improvement with Maintenance

Patients with more serious spinal issues should see their chiropractor on a regular basis for maintenance. This will assist in their condition improving. Healing takes longer for these individuals, and ceasing therapy or care too soon might aggravate their injuries and prevent them from improving.

Chiropractic treatment quickly treats minor car accident injuries. Other injuries can take months or even years to recover from. As a result, physical therapy and chiropractic or maintenance treatment can help.

If your injuries recover slowly and steadily after your chiropractic sessions, you will most likely need to return for continued care.

Car Accident Injury Care at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic

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