Can I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident if I’m Pregnant?

The aftermath of a car accident can be a stressful period for anyone. But a lot of people worry that it is unsafe to undergo pregnancy chiropractor care. However, that stress increases considerably if you are pregnant and need to seek care for your injuries. You may have whiplash, back pain, or slipped discs due to your car accident, but can these concerns be addressed during pregnancy?

Read on to learn how chiropractic care can impact your pregnancy.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Chiropractor Visit?

Many otherwise normal activities must be avoided when pregnant, but chiropractic care is not one of them. If you are pregnant, it is perfectly safe to see a chiropractor after a car accident. In fact, you should always at least have a chiropractic evaluation after being in an auto accident.

Chiropractic evaluations are essential after car accidents to assess any injuries you may have incurred. From there, you can decide whether to proceed with treatment.

While it is safe to have chiropractic care during your pregnancy, there may be some necessary amendments to your treatment. The anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy may make it more difficult to treat certain areas of the body, including the lumbar spine. Your chiropractor will work with you to determine which treatments are possible during this time.

To address car accident injuries that you have, you may need to have conservative treatments that are less extensive than full chiropractic manipulation. Every person is different, however, and each person will have unique treatment options available to them.

Several treatment options are safe to be used on pregnant women after an auto accident. One of these is massage therapy, which can alleviate pain and discomfort throughout the spine. Physical therapy is another great option, helping strengthen strained muscles along the neck and back. Many also undergo physical therapy because it is a simple treatment that can be customized to meet individuals’ needs.

Auto Accident Chiropractic Care

If you are pregnant and were recently in a car accident, you should seek a chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible. Prompt chiropractic care can help you avoid further issues or severe symptoms from your car accident injuries.

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