5 car accident injuries that are commonly delayed

Car accidents are traumatic events, no matter how severe. Even minor accidents that seem insignificant at the time have a big impact on your life. Accidents involving injury, of course, bring physical pain, extended rehabilitation time, and emotional trauma.

Everyone reacts differently to a car accident. Some people rebound quickly from injury while others take days, weeks, or years to see a full recovery. The same applies to pain involved with the accident; some people feel severe pain right away and others may feel fine until pain symptoms kick in weeks later.

Neck and back injuries, along with whiplash, soft tissue ailments, and more severe internal injuries can lay dormant for several days following an accident, lulling the victim into a false sense of security. If not treated immediately, these injuries can rapidly become much worse. One of the first steps toward recovery is awareness of types of car accident injury symptoms. Here are the 5 most common injuries that delay in showing themselves:

1. Numbness

Neck and spinal column damage is often signaled by tingling in your arms and hands and these symptoms almost always remain unnoticed for at least several hours after an accident. A herniated disc, for example, produces numb and tingling limbs prior to feeling back pain.

2. Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common delayed symptoms of injury following a car accident. Damage to the spine and back muscles include strains, herniated discs, ligament damage, and torn muscles. Rear-end and side collisions are the most common culprit resulting in back pain.

3. Headaches

Headaches are also very common after car accidents and often go unnoticed for days and by then the accident is yesterday’s news. Most people simply take a couple of aspirin and assume the pain will recede. But headaches can be a precursor of more serious injury such as concussion.

4. Neck and shoulder pain

If you feel pain in the neck and shoulders after a car accident, there’s a good chance you sustained whiplash. This is common in rear-end collisions that overextend the neck’s joints and muscles. Addressing whiplash early is key to rapid recovery.

5. Abdominal pain

Many people don’t notice abdominal pain for days after an accident but it can be very serious and even signal internal bleeding. It is critical to seek medical treatment if you feel any sort of abdominal pain.

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