Accelerate Car Accident Recovery: 3 Chiropractic Treatments that Can Help

There’s never a good time for a car accident, and few of us can afford the time and expense of recovering from a limiting injury. However, when a car accident damages your body, chiropractic care offers several treatment options to speed up your recovery.

After a vehicle accident, it’s essential to choose a chiropractor who specializes in car accident recovery and schedule your evaluation as soon as possible, so they can evaluate your injuries and create an effective treatment plan. Here are some treatments your chiropractor can use to speed up your healing.

1.  Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractic spinal manipulation can restore alignment to your spine and joints after the jolt of a car accident forces them out of place. Restoring alignment to the spin provides several healing benefits.

Reduced Inflammation

When you experience misalignment through trauma, such as a jarring vehicle accident, the surrounding muscles and ligaments may receive micro-tears, causing discomfort and inflammation that doesn’t appear on an X-ray.

Realigning the spin also produces anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the aches and soreness of these tears.

Reduced Scar Tissue

When the body is wounded or damaged, it builds scar tissue to protect the area and fill in any gaps where an injury relocated bone or tissue. However, scar tissue can cause stiffness and discomfort in the area of injury.

When you receive a spinal manipulation from your chiropractor and realign your damage, your body doesn’t need to keep creating scar tissue, so you’ll heal faster and regain your movement and range of motion.

2. Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash are common after a car accident. Massage therapy offers an effective treatment to reduce stiffness, restore comfortable movement, and allow patients to resume everyday activities.

Massage therapy increases circulation and healing in the affected areas and can calm muscle knots and spasms from an impact. It can also relax muscles that tighten around a misalignment, for better results from spinal manipulation.

3. Corrective Exercises for Healing

Corrective exercises recommended by your chiropractor blend physical therapy with fitness training to overcome injuries, target muscle weakness, and restore natural movement. Your corrective exercises are tailored and prescribed based on your injury, your body’s structure, and your discomfort.

Patients who combine corrective exercises with their chiropractic treatments recover faster and more completely from their injury.

Restore Your Health After a Car Accident with Veeva Clinic

Even minor car accidents can cause significant pain that keeps you from working, sleeping, or participating in activities you enjoy. Choosing a Chiropractic team specializing in car accident recovery can expedite your healing process, allowing a faster recovery.

If you’ve experienced a car accident in Washington or Oregon, contact the specialized team at Veeva Clinic today, and start your road to recovery.