5 Ways an Auto Accident Can Cause Back Pain

Pain and injuries after a collision are common. Even minor accidents at lower speeds can jolt and jar the body in a way that disrupts alignment and damages soft tissue. In addition, the spinal column often takes the brunt of the impact of a car accident, resulting in long-lasting back pain.

Causes of Back Pain After an Accident

When moving vehicles collide, the impact on the body of a passenger is called crash force. You can calculate your crash force by multiplying your body weight by the vehicle’s speed during the crash. For example, a 100-pound passenger in a 30 miles per hour car accident experiences 3,000 pounds of crash force.

That force on the spine can cause lasting damage from five common collision injuries:

1.   Back Strain

The quick jolting movement of a car accident can twist, pull, or tear the tendons and muscles in the spine.

2.   Whiplash

Whiplash results from the rapid motion of the head and neck during impact. It’s among the most common injuries the spine incurs during an accident. Whiplash can damage the bones, ligaments, and tendons of the spine and can extend from the neck to the lower back.

3.   Herniated Discs

The spinal discs can shift and compress from a vehicle collision, pushing the gel-like substance of the disc out through its outer ring. A herniated disc can cause severe pain, numbness, or limb weakness.

4.   Facet Joint Injuries

The facet joints lie between the spine’s bones, allowing you to bend, twist and move without harming the spine. However, as nerve roots run through the facet joints, the joint damage can cause lingering nerve pain.

High-impact car crashes can injure the facet joints, leading to pain while performing even simple tasks.

5.   Back or Spinal Fractures

The backbone consists of 33 stacked bones, called vertebrae, that give the body structure and protect the spinal cord. When one or more of the vertebrae break due to a car accident, it can result in various other concerns, such as scattered bone fragments and spinal compression.

Get the Help You Need to Recover from Car Accident Injuries

After suffering from a spinal injury due to a car accident, it’s essential to prioritize your treatment to ensure a full recovery. The chiropractic team at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treating back pain resulting from the force and trauma of a car crash.

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