5 signs you need chiropractic care this spring

Your body is smart and often knows when it needs to rest or have special treatment, even before you do. To get the care it needs to stay healthy this spring, your body does everything it can to let you know there’s something wrong. Instead of using words, it sends its message through pain, tension, and restricted movements.

When you ignore these telltale signs, your body will weaken and you could wind up with chronic illnesses or life-long injuries that could have been prevented if you acted sooner. But if you listen to your body and seek help when it tells you to, you can keep your joints and muscles in optimum condition, ensuring you’re in the best physical state to get the most out of life.

Spring is for new beginnings; it’s a time to get rid of your old ways and embrace new, healthy habits. If your body has been showing you signs that something’s not right, now’s the time to listen and take action. If any of the following sounds familiar, it’s time to make a change and book your first chiropractor appointment.

1. You experience joint and muscle pain every day

It’s easy to head to the medicine cabinet for some painkillers when your joints or muscles cause you problems. While aspirin may make you feel better temporarily, it won’t permanently solve your problem.

Instead of becoming stuck in a painkiller cycle, make an appointment to have your musculoskeletal system assessed this spring and get to the root of the problem. By understanding what’s causing your pain, a chiropractor can address the issue and use spinal manipulations to correct it.

2. You have chronic headaches this spring

Headaches can be caused by all sorts of things, from stress and dehydration to eyesight problems and bad nutrition. One common cause of headaches that’s often overlooked is spinal misalignment.

If you’ve suffered from headaches for an extended period and haven’t been able to find their cause, it’s time to see a chiropractor. They’ll be able to correctly align your neck and spine, improving blood flow and increasing the oxygen to your brain to help ease your headaches. 

3. You spend most of the day sitting down during spring time

Sitting down for hours every day can cause bad posture. Even with an ergonomic desk setup, remaining in the exact same position for a large chunk of the day can put increased stress on parts of your body that were never designed for such an impact.

If pain in your upper back, neck, or shoulders has become part of your daily routine, it’s likely your bad posture is pushing your spinal discs out of alignment. A chiropractor can provide you with regular spinal adjustments, counteracting the regular damage caused by long-term sitting.

4. You’re not as flexible as you used to be

Having restricted motion isn’t always a sign of aging. A lot of the time it’s an indication that your joints are out of alignment. Reduced flexibility can affect all people at any age, from professional athletes who train every day to stay-at-home parents and people enjoying retirement.

Whether the limited range of motion in your legs is making it difficult to run as fast as you once did or you can’t turn your neck as far in one direction as you can the other, a chiropractor can help increase your flexibility.

5. You were recently in an accident this spring

Being in any type of car accident can cause severe physical damage. Even if you felt fine immediately after the incident, your body may be masking severe injuries that only a qualified chiropractor can identify.

Whether you sustained your injury during a car collision, workplace accident, or other type of trauma, it’s wise to make an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as you can. The longer you put off seeking help, the greater the chance you’ll develop a serious injury you may not be able to fix.

Start something new

Make this spring the season you’ll leave behind your old habits and make a big change that will impact your quality of life. You don’t have to imagine what it’s like to wake up every morning without a bad back or how it would feel to take a walk while the flowers are in bloom without aching joints. 

Living a life free from physical pain is entirely possible and it all starts with making your first appointment. We’ve got Veeva Clinics all across Oregon and Washington with experienced chiropractors trained to ease your pain and discomfort. Take the first step today and turn your dream of living without aches and pains into a reality.