3 Common Types of Neck Pain from Car Accidents

There are 3 types of neck pain that typically result from car accident injuries:

  • Trouble looking to the side or back
  • Hearing or feeling grinding when turning
  • Aching and throbbing in the neck and shoulders

Alleviating these common types of neck pain begins at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic. There are three terms you should know: Whiplash, dislocation, and herniation. When you address the root cause of the problem through chiropractic neck adjustment, care and services, you make pain relief easy.

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Whiplash is one of the most common injury complaints following a car accident.

According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash most commonly results from sports accidents, falls, and rear-end motor vehicle collisions.

The acceleration-deceleration forces from a collision cause rapid vibrations along the neck and spine—like with the cracking of a whip. The sudden motion can injure bones and disks in the spine. It can also injure ligaments, muscles, nerves, and soft tissues in the neck.

Dislocated or Fractured Vertebrae

The same back-and-forth motion that causes whiplash can also dislocate or fracture vertebrae, the bones of the spine. In a dislocation, ligaments are torn; this allows vertebrae to move, threatening the spinal cord. Pain and even paralysis can result.

Herniated Disks

Vertebrae are cushioned with disks that have a hard exterior and soft interior. Sudden start-stop motions can cause the interior part of the disk to push through to the outside. This can threaten nearby spinal nerves.

Types of Neck Pain Treatment at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic

The experience at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic is intended to put you at ease. First, you will have an examination and consultation. Your pain and comfort level will be assessed with a variety of range-of-motion exercises.

X-rays or other imaging may be required. Although imaging does not detect whiplash directly, it may help to identify contributing factors to your injury.

You may receive massage services and additional corrective services in addition to chiropractic care.

Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain from Car Accidents

Research has shown that chiropractic neck adjustment is beneficial for treating multiple types of neck injuries, including whiplash. Studies have compared patient outcomes for managing chronic pain among three treatment groups: Medication, needle acupuncture, and spinal manipulation. They found that spinal manipulation contributed to improved outcomes when compared to the other treatment methods.

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