What you can expect from chiropractic care following an auto injury

If you have been involved in a car accident, chiropractic care can offer effective and drug-free means to pain relief and recovery. Back and neck pain, for example, is common after car accidents and might be symptoms of spinal injury or whiplash. Neglecting or putting off proper care can turn these injuries into serious issues and potentially years of chronic pain. Specially trained chiropractors are skilled in targeted methods to manage these accident-related injuries without relying on medication or surgery.

What happens to your body in a car accident?

Due to the force of most car accidents, even minor fender benders, the musculoskeletal system is jarred out of alignment, leading to back and neck pain. Rear-end collisions cause sudden forward and back movement of the cervical spine. The whipping motion knocks the spine out of alignment, strains neck muscles and leaves victims with significant pain and stiffness.

Traditional treatment methods lean on medication to mask pain symptoms and while painkillers might offer immediate relief, they are not a long-term solution to pain management. Medication also does very little to help patients recover their mobility. Chiropractic treatment, on the other hand, addresses the injury itself and specific adjustments relieve pressure on muscles and nerves while returning spinal alignment to its original state. Related therapy techniques can also be implemented to help regain full range of motion from injured muscles.

Reduce inflammation

Micro-tears in ligaments and muscles will not show up on an x-ray and those tears are one of the main causes of severe pain the day after a car accident. Muscles are not designed to be abruptly jerked and negative consequences almost always result. Chiropractic treatment helps your body release anti-inflammatory substances to aid in healing acute injuries.

Break down scar tissue

Scar tissue is more than just old wounds on skin. Scar tissue forms on muscles inside the body as well. Muscles naturally develop scar tissue in response to injury and this process causes a stiff and uncomfortable feeling for an extended time period, although it will heal naturally. A chiropractor can zero in on the damage and manipulate the scar tissue quickly, helping to speed recovery.

Less all-over body pain

Chiropractic care after car accident injury helps reduce pain by inspiring the body to release pain-reducing hormones that help areas affected by the accident, as well as muscle areas of pain prior to the accident. This type of care is a highly effective solution for pain recovery and long-term muscle strength.