The effects on your body after a truck accident

If you are a commercial truck driver or know someone who is, you are likely familiar with risks associated with driving every day for a living. Challenging traffic patterns, weather events, and wildly unpredictable fellow drivers make commercial driving a demanding job at best.

Accidents involving commercial vehicles, whether a panel van or enormous 18-wheeler, can cause serious internal injuries that typically lack obvious symptoms but worsen over time. Avoiding potentially life-threatening complications is of course one of the most critical reasons to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Causes of internal injuries from accidents

During a truck accident, the hard and sudden impact of a person’s body with objects inside the vehicle can cause serious internal injuries. The impact often results in blunt force trauma that can easily damage organs. The tricky part is that internal injuries, by their nature, are hidden from view and not as quickly identified as “everyday” external wounds. And since some people don’t even feel an internal injury, they might shrug off medical treatment.

One detail that many people forget or are unaware of is that internal injuries can occur even from low-speed accidents, further supporting guidance to always seek medical treatment after any accident. Detecting possible internal injuries will help you receive the type of care you need.

Common injuries resulting from truck accidents

While internal injuries can occur anywhere in the body, the most common resulting from truck accidents are broken ribs. The accident impact often causes ribs to fracture or break and yes, they will heal on their own but it takes a very long time and broken ribs are extremely painful. Making matters worse, other complications are possible including broken blood vessels or even a punctured lung.

Other types of injuries include:

Internal bleeding

During a truck accident, a victim’s blood vessels can be badly damaged or even severed. When damaged blood vessels do not repair themselves through clotting, internal bleeding may occur. Be aware of:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Weakness
  • Bruising
  • Fatigue

Brain bleeding

Head wounds from accidents can cause brain bleed, which limits oxygen flow and results in potentially permanent damage.

Injuries to organs

A truck accident can easily injure organs inside the chest abdomen or pelvis, which can then lead to reduced function or total organ failure.

What to do after a truck accident

We cannot stress it enough: After an accident, seek medical attention immediately. After initial diagnoses, consult with a chiropractor to help in the recovery process.