The top 25 personal injury attorneys for workplace accidents

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Being involved in a serious workplace accident is the last thing anyone wants. But it’s much better to have the contact details of a superb personal injury attorney who specializes in workplace accidents and not need them than to need the details of an excellent attorney and not have them. Additionally, having the contact information of a reliable personal injury chiropractor can also be invaluable for comprehensive care and recovery.

If you’re ever injured at work, you’ll have enough to worry about without fighting tough insurance companies for the compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills and the time you’ll spend off work. By hiring one of the best injury attorneys for workplace accidents, you can relax, knowing they’re doing everything they can to make sure you get what’s owed to you.

To help increase your chances of a successful claim, here are the details of the 25 best personal injury attorneys for workplace accidents:

Hollander Lebenbaum Gannicott & Patrick

For over 30 years, Hollander Lebenbaum Gannicott & Patrick has been helping people injured at work obtain compensation benefits for medical bills, wage replacement, rehabilitation costs, and more.


Mark Thesing

Mark Thesing is a Portland-based attorney who has focused on workers’ compensation for more than 20 years and always devotes his full attention to each case.


Pickett Dummigan McCall

The attorneys at Pickett Dummigan McCall have more than 200 years of combined legal experience and provide services to employees all over Portland who have been injured or become ill on the job.


Black Chapman Petersen & Stevens

Black Chapman Petersen & Stevens handles workers’ compensation cases and ensures they get the fair treatment and compensation they deserve after suffering workplace injuries. 


Kevin Staples Landerholm Law Firm

Led by Kevin Stapes, Kevin Staples Landerholm Law Firm provides competent representation for clients in cases involving time loss compensation, monthly pensions, and permanent disability.


Ford & Associates, LLC

A full-service employment law firm, Ford & Associates, LLC, not only carries out workplace investigations for claims but also offers guidance to ensure the best solution and compensation for clients, including referrals to a personal injury chiropractor near me for comprehensive care.


Neal Weingart Attorney at Law 

With more than 100 trials under his belt, Neal Weingart is the founder of Neal Weingart Attorney at Law, and focuses on workplace injuries caused by the negligence of third parties. 


Rosenbaum Law Group, PC

Rosenbaum Law Group, PC is a Portland-based law firm that represents individuals and their families in claims against negligent and intentional wrongdoers, as well as insurance companies.


Thomas Coon Newton & Frost

Providing legal services throughout Portland since 1980, Thomas Coon Newton & Frost specializes in recovering compensation from insurance companies for individuals injured at work.


Guinn & Dalton

The team of attorneys at Guinn & Dalton manage claim adjusters and fight for the benefits that employees injured in the workplace are entitled to. They help with existing, accepted, denied, and closed workers’ comp claims.


Law Office of Michael J. Orlando

The Law Office of Michael J. Orlando builds workers’ comp cases following all kinds of workplace injuries and fights insurance companies to get clients the fair compensation they deserve.


Rose, Senders, & Bovarnick, LLC

Providing counsel to clients throughout the Beaverton metro and surrounding areas, Rose, Senders, & Bovarnick, LLC helps employees understand complex issues and navigate the hurdles when it comes to workers’ compensation claims.


Furniss Shearer & Leineweber

Furniss Shearer & Leineweber is made up of lawyers with comprehensive knowledge of the workers’ comp system who do everything they can to make sure each client gets the full compensation they deserve following a workplace injury.


Guinn Law

A private legal practice that serves people in Gresham and the surrounding areas, Guinn Law pursues permanent disability payments, medical benefits, wage substitutes, and vocational retraining for people injured at work.


Hamrick Palmer Johansen

A highly-regarded law firm that focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation cases in Gresham, Hamrick Palmer Johansen has been practicing since 2001 and deals with all levels of workers’ comp claims.


Gayle A. Shields Attorney at Law

Gayle A. Shields Attorney at Law helps individuals who have been involved in accidents at work with their accepted, denied, and aggravation claims. 


Wellstone Law Group

Led by Dylan Hydes, Wellstone Law Group specializes in cases that involve non-complying employers and workplace injuries caused by third parties.


Hooton & Chen LLP

A small and trustworthy law firm made up of just two attorneys, Hooton & Chen LLP has more than 30 years of combined experience representing injured employees in Beaverton and the surrounding areas. 


The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen

The Law Offices of Peter O. Hansen, serving the Portland area since 1976, has represented more than 15,000 injured workers, offering legal support to ensure they receive fair compensation, including assistance in finding a personal injury chiropractor for comprehensive care and rehabilitation.


Ralph Wiser Attorney at Law

Ralph Wiser has been helping individuals suffering from long-term work-related disabilities get the compensation they deserve from negligent parties since 1981.


Miller Law

Attorney Craig Miller offers free consultations and has dedicated his entire career to helping personal injury clients who have suffered from accidents at work. 


Harris, Velazquez, Gibbens

A personal injury attorney and criminal defense law firm located in Hillsboro, Harris, Velazquez, Gibbens focuses on workers’ compensation and fights for lost wages and medical bill coverage.


Crispin Employment Law

A Portland-based firm, Crispin Employment Law helps clients with compensation claims, compensation retaliation, and reinstatement back into the workforce after recovery. The team also advocates for clients’ lost wages and medical expenses.


Alana C. DiCicco Law

Boasting three locations in Clackamas, Portland, and Beaverton, Alana C. DiCicco Law seeks fair weekly payment for clients injured at work. The firm also appeals denied claims on behalf of victims.


Mark Thesing

A workers’ comp lawyer with over 20 years of experience, Mark Thesing provides legal assistance to clients seeking fully-paid medical care and compensation for lost wages, including referrals to a personal injury chiropractor near me for comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery support.


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