How seeing a chiropractor after a car accident can help your settlement

All car accidents are traumatic, even ones that don’t appear to be too severe or life-threatening. But the fallout that often comes from a traffic collision can stretch out for weeks, months, or years. Beyond the physical injuries that can eventually arise, the prospect of insurance claims, car repair fees, settlement, or even legal proceedings can loom for a long time.

The process of obtaining a settlement for the injuries you sustain in a car crash can be exhausting and difficult to navigate. But paying a visit to your chiropractor can help certain aspects of that process easier to manage.

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Documentation is key

If you’ve suffered injuries or damage in an accident that was the other driver’s fault, you naturally want that party to pay for them. In many instances, that means your case is going to have to go to trial. You may, however, require treatment before the trial starts, which can take several months to happen.

Whether or not court proceedings happen, you’ll need documentation to bolster your case. That’s what a chiropractor can provide, along with their usual medical services.

Your chiropractor issues medical charts that outline the overall extent and severity of your injuries and symptoms which establish that they were a direct result of your accident. They outline every bit of treatment you’ll receive. They also provide specific billing information, with accurate and detailed line items about every step of your treatment.

Details for insurance companies

Documentation is especially important in dealing with insurance companies that will pay your settlement. Insurers are notorious sticklers for each detail regarding the accidents they cover.

Chiropractors invoice insurance companies directly. Especially when their reports are combined with police records and whatever eyewitnesses accounts may exist, chiropractors provide complete details of every visit you have with them, the extent of your injuries and the treatment you receive.

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Supplementary info for further claims

An automobile accident can have long-term effects beyond its initial impact and the immediate injuries it causes. The personal injuries that may arise can cover a broad range of problems.

For example, the injuries you suffer in a car crash may impact your ability to work. Malfunctioning elements may exacerbate some injuries, like an airbag that doesn’t deploy properly or a badly designed seat belt. There’s also the chance of medical malpractice in the treatment you receive.

A chiropractor can document each of these potential liabilities along with your treatment. They can also help you pursue your injury claim by recommending certain courses of action or additional procedures—even if they must refer you to a specialist other than themselves.