Can a Chiropractor Help with My Anxiety After a Car Accident?

Many people find themselves struggling with stress and anxiety after being in a car accident. While most are concerned about the physical injuries that may have occurred. Car accidents can also create mental and emotional consequences.

If you are suffering from anxiety after an auto accident, read on to find out how a chiropractic clinic can help.

Managing Anxiety After an Auto Accident

While you may think that chiropractic care only meets certain physical needs, your chiropractor can provide services that help manage anxiety after a car accident. This includes the following treatments:

Massage Therapy

One of the main ways that chiropractors address stress and anxiety after an auto accident is through massage therapy. Massage therapy can be used to relax both the muscles and the mind.

After a car accident, stress levels and anxiety can be at an all-time high. In turn, this stress can increase cortisol levels and blood pressure. Getting regular massages has been linked to lower blood pressure, decreased cortisol levels, and a healthier immune system.

Seeing a chiropractor for massage therapy can help alleviate stress and manage the symptoms it causes.

Auto Accident Care

Chiropractors offer specific auto accident services to address the injuries caused by car crashes. This includes customized treatment plans to address your injuries. For a lot of people, the anxiety they feel after a car accident is directly related to the injuries they suffered in the crash.

Chronic neck and back pain or difficulty moving can cause you excessive stress. By treating your injuries, a chiropractor can reduce your overall stress and anxiety over time. Doing physical therapy, targeted exercises, and daily stretches can all help alleviate your physical symptoms and resolve accident-related anxiety.

Car Accident Aftercare at Veeva Chiropractic Clinic

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety after a car accident? The mental effects of an auto accident can be just as severe as the physical injuries you suffered. Managing your anxiety is essential for returning to the activities you love.

At Veeva Chiropractic Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments that can help manage post-accident anxiety, including massage therapy, accident evaluations, and customized treatment plans. We work with patients throughout Oregon, including cities like Portland and Salem. To find out more, contact us via our website or by phone.