4 Tips to Ease Joint Pain After a Car Accident

Joint pain after being involved in a car accident is a common concern that can make your daily tasks more difficult and might even interfere with your responsibilities. The experience can not only emotionally scar you but may also leave physical issues you have to deal with.

If you are experiencing joint pain after being in a car accident, some tips can help you manage the discomfort.

1. Get Some Rest

After going through trauma, your body needs time to recuperate and heal. Allow yourself to sleep or just get off your feet to make that possible. If possible, take a day or two from work so that you are not experiencing extra stress, both physically and mentally, which makes healing more difficult.

2. Use Ice on the Injury

Cold temperatures help decrease inflammation. With less inflammation at the injured joint, it’s able to receive an increase in blood flow, which brings with it oxygen and nutrients that help the healing process. Ice for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and wait 30 to 40 minutes between applications.

3. Reduce Inflammation of Joint Pain With Compression

Another way to help reduce inflammation and encourage a quicker healing process, as well as a decrease in pain, is to compress the joint. You may choose an athletic compression bandage or even a towel that manages to keep the site of the injury tight.

Avoiding excess swelling allows the blood flow that the joint needs to start rebuilding itself.

4. Draw Fluid Away by Elevating the Joint Injury

To help the joint start healing sooner, elevate it. This is not always easy to do, especially in joints that are not part of your limbs, but elevation lowers the pressure on blood vessels near the area, helping limit any bleeding while also limiting the swelling and bruising you experience.

When you elevate the injury, you are helping drain excess fluid, and this reduces pain and makes it easier for the joint to heal.

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